WOWO’S Interior Cleaner 500ml

WOWO'S Interior Cleaner 500ml

WOWO’S Interior Cleaner 500ml

$32.95 inc. GST

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$32.95 inc. GST

WOWO’S Interior Cleaner 500ml.

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You asked for it, we delivered! Finally, a one-stop interior cleaner you can use on every part of your car’s interior. Wowo’s INTERIOR CLEANER is an excellent choice for cleaning everything from the dash and door panels, to the seats and carpets. INTERIOR CLEANER does it all!

  • Can Be Used On All Interior Surfaces
  • Powerful Results
  • Leaves A Pleasant Scent Behind
  • Creates A Foamy, Effective Lather With Brush Agitation
  • Delivers A Clean Matte Look And Feel
  • Leaves No Residue Or Greasy Feel Behind



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